Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There is something about the school year ending that is exciting! While I am saddened to not see students & coworkers on a daily basis, it is invigorating knowing I have time to recharge my batteries before the start of another school year.  I have my summer days planned out of sleeping in a little more and waking up without an alarm clock, reading until late into the evenings, going for bike rides and walks, grilling out with family and friends and sitting on the patio reminiscing of past memories .... and of course how I will change my classes and teaching for the next school year.

I do wonder if all my students look forward to the summer as much as I do. Will they have a guaranteed breakfast and lunch in their homes, since they won't be in school?  Will someone be able to provide them structure throughout the day where they know the expectations as well as they do during the school year?  Will someone make sure they are reading books even though it is not for a grade?

This brings me to ponder the "time" students spend in schools.  I don't know how I feel about year round schools, but sometimes when I think about some students who need the structure & security of the school day, I am all for it.  Maybe by changing the number of school days required by each district should increase. With the demands of becoming a nation of global learners & educational reforms affecting districts, teachers, students, and families, maybe it would be okay to go to school longer each year. If that is the case, I am going to have to get some solar batteries that will recharge me each day and not just at the end of the school year!

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  1. Yes, but...
    As a parent, I know I am the primary teacher of my children, and my kids go to summer school. They learn how to catch fireflies way past bedtime, how to build sandcastles, grow vegetables and flowers, how to make rainbows with the hose, how to ride a horse, where Massachusetts and Oregon are and who lives there that we love...
    The list is endless! Without a summer break, I'm not sure these learning experiences would happen.
    However, I know a lot of kids don't get this chance. Sad!
    Well, enjoy your summer! I look forward to more insights!